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General System Description

The Ultrasonic Soldering Pot is built to acoustically activate a high temperature melt of molten soldering alloy. Ultrasonics are used to micro etch the immersed surface for enhanced wetting of the soldering alloy. This process is performed without the use of soldering fluxes. The components immersed into the melt must be cleaned and free of surface oils. If the components are properly cleaned, the use of flux or other etching processes may be eliminated along with post-soldering cleaning of residues left behind.

The Ultrasonic Soldering Pot consists of (3) basic components, the high temperature melt tank (aka: the Soldering Pot), the Heat Control Cabinet, and the Ultrasonic Generator. The high temperature melt tank is constructed with a Magnetostrictive Transducer silver-brazed to a Waveguide. The Waveguide is used to isolate the transducer from the high temperatures within the melt while transmitting the acoustic vibrations to the objects immersed in the melt. Heaters are mounted on the Tank Assembly and provide the heat required to elevate the solder's temperature to the ideal operating range.


These units are built so you can separate the tank assembly from the shroud.