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Dual-Frequency Reactors™

We package our Dual-Frequency Processing Technology into a wide variety of equipment configurations. We offer many standard product groups packaged with f2 Technology. We also offer the ability to activate a unique system for your particular processing/installation requirements.Our Dual-Frequency Reactors are built with opposing bi-frequency sound sources. The synergy created by directly opposing transducers driven at different frequencies dramatically enhances the liquid/solid interface dynamics. The sound field's uniformity delivers effective and efficient ultrasonic treatment for all material passing through the reaction cell.

History of the Dual-Frequency Reactor (aka DFR)

The DFR Reactor is effective for:

Dual-Frequency Processor Features include:

DFR Reactor Operational Details

Dual-Frequency Technology

We have included a brief review of the physics incorporated within our DFR Reactors.

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Dual-Frequency Reactor, M/N: DFR-9624

Advanced Sonics is proud to show a typical 100 kW Dual-Frequency Reactor. This system consists of (4) DFR-9624 Reactors, each with 24,000 Watts of ultrasonic power. This system has been built for processing a continuous flow with a 100% duty cycle. Our Reactor construction techniques along with choice components offers our customers Ultrasonic Processing Equipment with ZERO Maintenance.

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Dual-Frequency Drawing

The Dual-Frequency Reaction Chamber

The DFR System consists of two major components, with one being the ultrasonic reaction vessel and the other being the ultrasonic power source, (generators that convert 50/60 Hz energy to higher frequencies). The Dual-Frequency Reactor's reaction vessel consists of opposing diaphragm plates driven by two different frequencies, (16 kHz & 20 kHz). The diaphragm plates form two of the walls of the reaction vessel. Within the reaction chamber, the two different frequencies eliminate standing waves, (aka intensity stratification). The wave phenomena that is created generates intense rarefication and compression sites due to the combined energy from the two diaphragm plates. The intense ultrasonic energy harnessed within the chamber creates the ability to accelerate reaction rates and mix products into the submicron particle size domain. The ultrasonic cavitational field's intensity is adjustable to meet your application power requirements. The Dual-Frequency Reactor provides maintenance free, continuous operation. The unit will handle large volumes of materials without any degradation to the ultrasonic processing performance. The plumbing connections allow for easy installation into a process stream. The DFR Reactor can be used in a continuous open/closed loop operation or as a batch processing cell. The use of different spacers allows the DFR Reactor to be configured to optimize the processing requirement.

The Dual-Frequency Reactor is a powerful continuous-flow Dual-Frequency Reactor. This parallel diaphragm plate configuration provides intense acoustic activity for demanding sonochemical and/or sonophysical reactions.

The DFR Reactor produces a uniform sound field of intense ultrasonic cavitation which maximizes the reaction kinetics within the linear space allotted. The sound energy produces drastic process rate changes and quality enhancements down to a molecular level. Controllable ultrasonic parameters enhance chemical methodologies and sonochemical reactions.

The two Diaphragm Plates form a single ultrasonic reaction chamber which concentrates the sound energy from these independent sources. The reaction chamber is where the process solution flows through in order to be ultrasonically treated. This configuration produces an absolutely uniform energy profile for complete and thorough treatment of all material passing through.

Some of our smaller Dual-Frequency Processing Reactors are ideal for initial testing, and the performance obtained from the smaller units is scalable for larger systems.

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The DFR Reactor is effective for:

Dual-Frequency Processor Features include:

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Our Tubular Reactor Equipment Series is ideal for production installations where constant and consistent performance at a 100% duty cycle is necessary. The DTR's smooth internal surface and inline plumbing ports are perfect for serious production installations where high-solids or fibrous material process solutions require ultrasonic treatment.

These Reactors deliver superior ultrasonic performance for processing high-solids slurries without clogging due to particle settling. Multiple DTR's can be bolted end-to-end to increase throughput as your production requirements increase. Additional Reactors can be added for reactions which require more ultrasonic dwell time.

This Dual-Frequency Tubular Reactor, M/N: DTR-5004, is an Industrial Grade 4 kW Ultrasonic Reactor with a 4" pipe flange inlet & outlet. Our DTR Reactor can handle large volumes of material when compared to Single Frequency devices. Our magnetostrictive transducers provide intense ultrasonic processing performance without degradation in acoustic performance. The plumbing connections allow for easy installation into an open or closed loop process stream. The design of the DTR allows the unit to be scaled-up to meet your processing demands.

Dual-Frequency Tubular Reactor M/N: DTR-5004

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DFR-1808 with dual port Sparged Reaction Cell

This High Temperature DFR Reactor is equipped with a dual-port Sparged Reaction Cell. The primary feed is located below the ultrasonic processing chamber. The secondary feed is positioned in the ultrasonic mixing zone for instant acoustic treatment upon initial contact. The ultrasonic intensity is adjustable to control treatment performance.

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DFR-1808DFR-1808 Sound Abatement Enclosure

DFR-1808-TC's with Sparged Reaction Cells mounted in Sound Abatement Enclosures

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The Dual-Frequency Reactor,M/N:
DFR-2208-TC, is a dual- frequency ultrasonic reactor with variable power shown without the Sound Abatement Enclosure. The DFR's parallel diaphragm plate configuration focuses the ultrasonic energy on the process stream that flows between these acoustically energized surfaces. The energy within the acoustic cavity produces drastic process rate changes and quality enhancements with difficult processing tasks.

Dual-Frequency Reactor, M/N: DFR-2208

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DFR-2208 with Rolling Carriage Mechanism

This DFR-2208-TC is equipped with the optional Rolling Carriage Mechanism. The Rolling Carriage Mechanism is most desirable for installations which require frequent cleaning and inspection. Each Rolling Carriage trolley has "V" grooved wheels allowing easy separation of the DFR's Diaphragm Plates without strenuous lifting.

Dual-Frequency Reactor, M/N: DFR-2208-TC with Rolling Carriage Mechanism

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DFR-2208-TC with process solution temperature control inside of a Sound Abatement Enclosure.

Dual-Frequency Reactor, M/N: DFR-2208-TC

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DFR-3606-HP with a 1kg Transducer

This 4kW DFR Reactor is shown next to a typical transducer element used within our 6 inch wide reactor series. Each transducer is silver-brazed to the diaphragm plate for an acoustically perfect junction. We warrantee the performance of our transducer assembly for 10 years.

Dual-Frequency Reactor, M/N:DFR-3606-HP with a 1kg Transducer

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DFR-3606-TCC with an Inline Spacer

This DFR Reactor is equipped with our Thermal Controlled Core Option, (TCC equipment series). The Inline Spacer allows the process solution to pass through the ultrasonic chamber for effective and uniform material treatment. The inline system is easy to install in existing flow streams.

Dual-Frequency Reactor, M/N: DFR-3606-TCC with an Inline Spacer

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The DFR-3606-HP-TC with a NEMA-12 Generator/Electrical Enclosure. The Temperature Control feature provides stable reactor temperature control from -10C to 150C. The processing chamber's temperature is maintained by fluid flowing through internal manifolds located inside the transducer covers. Hot fluid may be used to quick start the system upon startup or for high-temperature operating conditions.

The ultrasonic generators are located inside a NEMA-12 Electrical Enclosure, (aka. IP55). This system is provided complete with isolation transformer and flanged mount disconnect switch.
The ultrasonic reactor may be remotely activated and monitored by your process computer
control network.

Dual-Frequency Reactor, M/N: DFR-3606-TCC with a NEMA-12 Generator/Electrical Enclosure

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DFR-3606-HP mounted within a SOund Abatement Enclosure

A DFR-3606-HP mounted within a Sound Abatement Enclosure. This Sound Abatement Enclosure is equipped with quick opening doors for instant reactor access. The conveyance line connections and ultrasonic power cables attach to the outside envelope of the sound enclosure. The reactor may be easily removed when required.

Dual-Frequency Reactor, M/N: DFR-3606-HP mounted within a Sound Abatement Enclosure

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CE Compliant Dual-Frequency Reactors

This DFR Reactor is packaged for export to Europe. The system is delivered completely assembled and wired for the primary voltage available. We use IEC/EC wiring methodologies to simplify equipment familiarity and service. The Sound Abatement Enclosure is mandatory to reduce airborne noise to acceptable levels.

CE Compliant Systems

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Pharmaceutical Installations

The DFR Reactor can be packaged for quick full washdown and inspection. The Reactor may be disassembled, separated, cleaned, inspected and reassembled within minutes. This DFR Reactor and Generator/Electrical Enclosure are both rated as NEMA-4X, IP66, for full washdown service.

Pharmaceutical Installations

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DFR-9624 on location

The Dual-Frequency Processor, M/N: DFR-9624 Reactor with variable ultrasonic power control on location.

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The DFR-9624 Electrical Enclosure at our manufacturing facility before shipping the equipment overseas.

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DFR-5218 Custom ReactorThe Dual-Frequency Reactor, M/N: DFR-5218 provides an intense and uniform ultrasonic energy profile. The uniform acoustic field is ideal for enhancing liquid/solid surface hydrodynamics along with accelerating sonochemical reactions.

The DFR consists of two separate Ultrasonic Diaphragm Platesdriven at 16 and 20 kHz. The Dual-Frequency Reactor has the transducer diaphragm plates opposing one another to maximize the Nearfield effect delivered by the system. The Nearfield effect is the intense acoustic energy delivered to your process solution/material which is located within one wavelength of the acoustic resonating surface, (approximately 3" for aqueous based solutions).

Each diaphragm Plate section has a maximum power of 2,000 Watts. Each frequency on the DFR-5218 has (5) Diaphragm Plate sections for a maximum ultrasonic power level of 10,000 Watts. The entire DFR-5218 system has a maximum ultrasonic power level of 20,000 Watts.

Process Scale-Up: The result received from analyzing the various process parameters is most useful for process scale-up. Our DFR Processing Technology allows the process to be scaled up without diminishing processing results. With the optimum system configuration determined, scale-up may be as simple as a linear relationship.

Please consult Advanced Sonic Processing Systems technical support staff to discuss scale-up requirements.

Dual-Frequency Reactor, M/N: DFR-5218

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DFR Reactor Standard Features: