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When raw sand is use as a proppant in Hydraulic Fracturing a wellhead, the sand's surface contaminants will imped the flow of Material, (Hydraulic Fracturing is also know as Fracking or Frac). If the Sand is Ultrasonically Cleaned prior to installation, the surface contaminants have been removed, thus the differential pressure drop will be lower and the will produce a higher volume of Material. Some suppliers coat the dirty sand with a resin to keep the microscopic particles from plugging the Fracked Rock formations. Ultrasonically Cleaning the sand is a low cost way of removing this gangue material thus increasing well production rates. The above photographs show sand samples Before and After Ultrasonic Cleaning of Jordan complex sandstone, (ultrasonic exposure time less than 0.7 seconds @ 175 GPM and 25% Solids). Note how the Ultrasonic Cleaning Process is effective in removing clays and slimes encasing the individual sand particles. Ultrasonic Cleaning with just water (no additives) is very effective in reducing the Turbidity to acceptable levels. Ultrasonic Cleaning is the answer to attaining a higher quality product with a lower production cost.
We have a selection of standard products with various sized reactors and acoustic power. We offer rental equipment for laboratory research and pilot-scale operations. Each equipment type has been refined to optimize material flow and processing conditions for the task at hand. We also offer the ability to engineer and manufacture high volume production systems to any power level and size required. We also can build custom reactors according to your specifications.
Processing applications include: dispersion, deagglomeration, nanoparticle dispersion, crystallization, particle pre-wetting, dispersion and reduction, mixing, waste water processing, high purity chemical processing, sonochemical processing and mineral processing.Ultrasonic Processing Systems including flat plate and dual-frequency resonators and reactors. We use flow through and batch processing. Wastewater treatment,sand processing, sand processing & fracking, sand processing Ottawa White or Northern White, tar sand processing, wastewater treatment for fracturing known as fracking, cell bacteria and microbe destruction, environmental remediation, process intensification mineral processing, soil washing, ballast water treatment, hazardous waste treatment, coal and ash separating, enhancement of reaction kinetics, micro mixing, nanodispersion, particle pre-wetting, dispersion and reduction fluxless soldering, sonochemical processing, sonocrystallization are some of the applications.

Welcome to Advanced Sonic Processing Systems.

Advanced Sonics specializes in Sonic and Ultrasonic processing methodologies and equipment for the enhancement of chemical and physical reactions. We integrate Engineering, Art and Technology into a system optimized to meet your processing requirements and industrial conditions. We lead the industry by building large Flat Plate Reactors with silver-brazed magnetostrictive transducers. Our engineering excellence and this acoustically perfect bond ensures decades of reliable performance and production service.

Advanced Sonic Processing Systems manufactures Industrial Ultrasonic Processing Equipment for the chemical, pharmaceutical, petroleum, manufacturing, mining, food processing, textile, pigment and waste treatment processing industries. Our Dual-Frequency Processing Technology is unmatched for the enhancement of sonochemical and sonophysical reactions.

We try to be humble; however we know that we are the best. We offer a 10-Year Transducer Warranty that we publish on this website, on our proposals, and in our Equipment Manuals (with NO exceptions). Our first scheduled Preventive Maintenance activity is after 25,000 hours (almost three years) of operation. This is one of the reasons we are the best value you can purchase when selecting an Ultrasonic Processing System.

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Dual-Frequency Reaction Cell, DRC-4Ultrasonic Reaction CellDual-Frequency Electro-Chemical Reaction Cell

Dual-Frequency Reaction Cell, DRC-2.5Dual-Frequency Reactor, DRC-8Dual-Frequency Reaction Cell, DRC-12

Quad Frequency Tubular Reactor, QTR-3004Dual-Frequency Immersible, DFI-906 Hexagon Reaction Vessel


Table of Contents

Ultrasonic Processing Systems and Hardware, Products by Name:

Bench-Top-Reactors (BTR)

Circular Diaphragm Plates (CDP)

Clamp-On-Pipe Reactors (CPR)

Custom Ultrasonic Reactors and Ultrasonic Processors (CUS)

Dual-Frequency Reaction Cells (DRC)

Dual-Frequency Reactors (DFR)

Dual-Frequency Tubular Reactors
Dual-Frequency Immersibles
Dual-Frequency V Shaped Reactors
Dual-Frequency Reaction Cells

Hexagon Reaction Vessels (HRV)

Mini Megasonic Drop-In-Transducers (DIT)

Quad-Frequency Tubular Reactors (QTR)

Single Frequency Reaction Cells (URC)

Sonic Shoes (SS)

Sonochemical Reaction Vessels (SRV)

Ultrasonic Diaphragm Plates (UDP)

Ultrasonic Immersible Systems (UIS)

Ultrasonic Power Probes (UPP)

Ultrasonic Slide Processors (USP)

Ultrasonic Solder Pots (USP)

Ultrasonic Solder Trays (UST)

Ultrasonic Troughs (UT)

Vibrating Trays (VT)

Processing Methodologies and Hardware:
Reactor Construction Techniques:

Single Frequency Systems
*Dual-Frequency Systems
*Dual-Frequency Processing Technology

Dual-Frequency Spacer & Reaction Cells:

Continuous Flow Operation
*Inline Spacers
*Gas Sparged Reaction Cells (GSR)
*Sparged Reaction Cells (SRC)
*Ultrasonic Extraction Cells
*Electro-Acoustical Reaction Cells

Ultrasonic Processing Equipment Construction Details:

Ultrasonic Generators (aka Power Supplies)
*Fixed Power Systems
*Variable Ultrasonic Power

Generator Control Circuits
*Instant On
*Sweep Frequency Operations (SFO)
*Ultrasonic Pulsed Power (UPO)

Ultrasonic Transducers
Transducer Styles Available
*Zero-SPaced Lamination Transduceres
*Wndow Lamination Transducers
*Spaced Lamination Transducers (CAM Technology)

Anodes, Cathodes and Electrode Plates
*Electro-Acoustical Reaction Cell
*Electro-Acoustical Extraction Cell
*Electro-Acoustical Membrane Cell

Ultrasonic Processing Equipment Hardware Packaging:

Electrical Enclosures
CE Compliant Systems
Sound Abatement Enclosures
Water Cooled Transducers
Water Cooled Reactors
Explosion Proof Systems

Ultrasonic Processing System Maintenance:

Operational Maintenance for Ultrasonic Processors
Preventive Maintenance for Ultrasonic Processors

Ultrasonic Sand Washing:

Benefits of Silver-Brazed Magnetostrictive Transducers:

Applications Laboratory
Molten Metal Application Lab
Equipment Rental
Pilot Plant Testing Program
Off-Site Pilot Scale Testing Program
Process Development
Technical Consulting
Service & Spare Parts

Mission Statement
Warranty Statement
Confidentiality Statement
Copyright Statement

Applications for Process Intensification

Other Sites of Interest :

Applications Lab Our Applications Laboratory is available for conducting brief technical research to qualify a process or an Ultrasonic Reactor. Our Lab is equipped with a variety of ultrasonic and sonic hardware. We have systems representing each product group offering a wide range of ultrasonic treatment capabilities.

Molten Metal Applications Lab Our Metals Laboratory allows us to ultrasonically treat material under high temperature conditions. We can use either a Soldering Pot or Power Probe to process your sample/material. We also offer the ability to tune-in your existing probe system under steady-state high temperature conditions.

Equipment Rental Advanced Sonics maintains an inventory of Ultrasonic Reactors available for immediate shipment. Our equipment may be used for on-site research, pilot scale testing, short-term and/or long-term production installations. We are confident that our ultrasonic hardware will demonstrate the benefits derived from ultrasonically activating your processing operations.

Pilot Plant Testing Program Our Technical Center is equipped with a vast selection of equipment to demonstrate the processing potential of our Ultrasonic Processing Products. We can configure a temporary setup to simulate your processing situation in order to produce ultrasonically treated material. Our Pilot Scale Testing Program is ideal for establishing feasibility studies and/or the generation of numerous samples while controlling various conditions.

Off-Site Pilot Scale Testing Program We can make arrangements to conduct trial runs at your facility. We can use your hardware or bring a system with us. This service includes equipment delivery to your facility, conducting of experiments with an Application Engineer, generation of processed samples, and equipment return upon completion of experiments.

Process Development We can assist your staff in developing a solution to a troublesome process. Our vast array of Ultrasonic Processing hardware is adaptable to almost every processing installation environment. Our consistent ultrasonic performance will reduce off-spec material while increasing production throughput and product quality.

Technical Consulting Advanced Sonic Processing offers our technical expertise for brief consulting contracts. Our skills are available for process and hardware design, equipment engineering, and evaluating the effectiveness of other ultrasonic devices. Contact our Sales Department if you wish to discuss your project details.

Service and Spare Parts Our Ultrasonic Processing Equipment rarely requires service. Upon notification, our goal is to have a new part or subassembly in your hands within 24 hours. If you require immediate service, call us at: 203 266 4440.
If your Ultrasonic System must remain fully operational, we recommend a small inventory of spare components to be kept on-site. Please contact us regarding your particular requirements.

Mission Statement We believe that ultrasonic energy has vastly improved the quality of life for humanity. Advanced Sonic Processing's mission is to maintain the forefront position for the advancement of ultrasonic processing methodologies. We are convinced that our engineered systems will provide the performance required to elevate the science of ultrasonic processing and acoustically driven chemical and physical reactions.

Warranty Statement Warranty Statement for Systems with Magnetostrictive Transducers. The Transducer-to-Reactor silver-brazed bonds and magnetostrictive transducers are warranted by Advanced Sonics, LLC not to separate, crack, or degrade in any way under normal conditions of handling and use by the original purchaser for ten (10) years.
In addition, Advanced Sonic Processing Systems provides a one year warranty to the original purchaser on all our fabricated materials and workmanship. Purchased components are warranted to the full extent by their manufacturer.Advanced Sonic Processing accepts the responsibility of repairing or replacing, at our factory, any part or parts which do not conform to above warranties when the unit is returned prepaid. In no event shall Advanced Sonics, LLC be liable for damages for failure of any equipment to perform.
Warranty Statement for Systems with Magnetostrictive Transducers. Warranty Statement for Systems with Electrostrictive Transducers. The Warranty period for our Electrostrictive Transducerized systems varies dependent upon: installation factors, processing conditions, and hardware design criteria. Contact Advanced Sonic Processing for the warranty period applicable to the specific reactor in question.

Confidentiality Statement Advanced Sonic Processing maintains strict standards for preserving the proprietary information provided. Details associated with our customer's processing methodologies and techniques are completely confidential and secure. Our ability to optimize your Ultrasonic Processing Hardware is dependent upon the information supplied to Advanced Sonics and the trust established between us.

Copyright Statement The material on this web site, is the copyright (©) property of Advanced Sonics
LLC , also referred to as Advanced Sonic Processing Systems.  It may be downloaded for your personal use. The material may not otherwise be copied, stored, retransmitted or reproduced without prior written permission from Advanced Sonics, (except for the inclusion of brief quotations within a review).
Advanced Sonics LLC is constantly striving to improve our products. Every effort is made to represent our products and services accurately. The technical data and specifications referred to in this web site is for information purposes only. Updated information is available by contacting Advanced Sonic Processing Systems.

Applications for Ultrasonics:

Acoustically Activated Electrolytic Reaction Cells

Aluminum Casting and Melt Processing

Ballast Water Treatment

Cell, Bacteria and Microbe Destruction

Ceramic Slip Processing

Clarifier Performance Enhancement

Coagulation of Suspended Particles and Materials

Coal and Ash Separating and Cleaning

Decontamination of Resin Beds

Defoaming Treatment


Desolved Gas Removal

Emulsification Processing

Enhancement of Reaction Kinectics

Environmental Remediation

Fine particle Deagglomeration and Nanodispersion

Fluxless Soldering and Tinning

Food Processing

Hazardous Waste Treatment

Leaching Treatment

Micro Mixing and Liquid/Solid Dispersions


Mineral Processing, Extraction and Recovery

Nanodispersion Processing

Ozone, hydogen peroxide, UV with Ultrasonic Oxidation

Particulate Filtration

Particle Pre-Wetting, Dispersion and Reduction

Pigment Mixing and Dispersion

Soil Washing and Processing Requirements

Sonochemical and Ultrasonics

Sonochemically Enhanced Enzymatic Treatment


Supercritical Carbon Dioxide Processing

Textile Processing, Dye Impregnation

Treatment of Wastewater Organics

Ultrasonically Enhanced Precipitation

Ultrasonic Impregnation and Surface Wetting

Ultrasonic Mixing

Wastewater Treatment

Waste Minimization


Other Sites of Interest:

For additional information on Ultrasonics you can visit


Contact for additional information about our processes and products. One of our engineers would be pleased to discuss any processing requirements you may have as well as the equipment that would be most beneficial to your process.

Advanced Sonics is located in Oxford Connecticut. All of our equipment is built at our Oxford location.
We sell both domestically and internationally.

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Look at our Ultrasonics page to see the many applications our equipment can handle. Although we offer standard product lines, most of our equipment is customized to meet your processing requirements. We offer a 10-year transducer warranty which is the most extensive in the industry. Also, our systems are maintenance free.

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