The Benefits derived by using Silver-Brazed Magnetostrictive Transducers Include:

  1. Lowest cost per year for purchasing and using an Ultrasonic Processing System over any 10 year period or for 25,000 hours of operation. In fact, our Ultrasonic Processing Equipment and maintenance costs are less than 25% of the costs associated from using ultrasonic equipment built with electrostrictive transducers (aka piezoelectric transducers).

    Note: We include the equipment's purchase price, replacement parts, repair costs, and electricity expenses in our cost calculations.

  2. Only silver-brazed magnetostrictive transducers can operate for many years without degradation in ultrasonic performance.

  3. Silver-brazed bonds offer the best acoustical efficiency and transmission of power from the transducer to the processing vessel.

  4. Our massive transducers are insensitive to varying process parameters that suppress acoustic power transmission.

  5. Magnetostrictive transducers can run dry for long periods of time without permanent damage, (ie hours at reduced power or minutes at full ultrasonic power).

  6. Our transducers are rugged, withstand severe abuse, and never have to be replaced.

  7. Performance qualities are permanent. We have many systems with over 100,000 hours of continuous operation without transducer problems.

  8. Uniform cavitation is achieved throughout the processing vessel.

  9. Uniform energy profile reduces cavitational erosion. We can use high technology alloys for our Diaphragm Plate materials which have essentially eliminated cavitational erosion.

  10. Operation at high temperature does not reduce acoustical output nor transducer's longevity.

These benefits are provided in all of our Ultrasonic Processing Products.