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Dual-Frequency V-Shaped Extraction Cell

We are pleased to offer our Open-Top V-Shaped Extraction Cells for your high performance extractions. The Open-Top-Cell allows the operator to insert new material into the ultrasonic energy field. We use our Dual-Frequency Processing Technology to accelerate processing kinetics and maximize the material extracted.


v-shaped extraction cell

This Dual-Frequency,
V-Shaped Extraction Cell, M/N: DVEC-2408, is built to accelerate the mass transfer of a material sandwiched between the (2) Ultrasonic Diaphragm Plates. The intense ultrasonic energy harnessed within the V-Shaped Extraction Cell offers the highest ultrasonic intensity for continuous operation and continuous material throughput.


Dual Frequency V-Shaped Extraction Cell

bubble break


hopper from top


The Open-Top V-Shaped Extraction Cell offers high throughput for processing installations that benefit from controlled dissolutions. As the solid feedstock dissolves, new material falls into the ultrasonic processing chamber thus providing continuous operation. For material that does not completely dissolve, the discharge port of the Extraction Cell can be piped to a pump or inclined screw conveyor to remove the processed material, (or shoveled out on a batch basis).