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Dual-Frequency Tubular Reactor

Dual-Frequency Tubular Reactor

Our Tubular Reactor Equipment Series is ideal for production installations where constant and consistent performance at a 100% duty cycle is necessary. The DTR's smooth internal surface and inline plumbing ports are perfect for serious production installations where high-solids or fibrous material process solutions require ultrasonic treatment.

These Reactors deliver superior ultrasonic performance for processing high-solids slurries without clogging due to particle settling. Multiple DTR's can be bolted end-to-end to increase throughput as your production requirements increase. Additional Reactors can be added for reactions which require more ultrasonic dwell time.

This Dual-Frequency Tubular Reactor, M/N: DTR-5004, is an Industrial Grade 4 kW Ultrasonic Reactor with a 4" pipe flange inlet & outlet. Our DTR Reactor can handle large volumes of material when compared to Single Frequency devices. Our magnetostrictive transducers provide intense ultrasonic processing performance without degradation in acoustic performance. The plumbing connections allow for easy installation into an open or closed loop process stream. The design of the DTR allows the unit to be scaled-up to meet your processing demands.

Dual-Frequency Tubular Reactor M/N: DTR-5004