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Dual-Frequency Reaction Cells

We developed the URC & DRC Product Lines for the operators that need to Scale their Research into large production systems. Our Dual-Frequency Processing Technology allows for the research conducted with these small Ultrasonic Reactors to be scaled up into very large systems without compromising ultrasonic processing performance.

Our single frequency Ultrasonic Reaction Cells and multiple frequency Dual-Frequency Reaction Cells are very versatile for ultrasonic processing applications. The wide assortment of Transducer Assemblies, Reaction Chambers, Generator Features, and Optional Accessories allows for flexible system configurations for a variety of applications.

The multitude of configurations available are ideal for research and small scale production operations using these small Flat Plate Rensonators. One advantage of the URCs & DRCs is the ability to scale research into reliable large Flat Plate Production Systems.

Additional Transducer Assemblies and/or Reaction Chambers may be added as changes in research priorities change over the course of time. The research conducted with these small Ultrasonic Reactors may be directly scaled up into very large system(s) with positive surprises in overall ultrasonic processing performance.

The URCs & DRCs Offer the Following Features:
1. Temperature Controlled Ultrasonic Reaction Chamber.
2. Quick set up of experimental apparatus.
3. Capable of processing flamable fuilds, Class 1, Div 1, Groups C&D.
4. Pharmaceutical Grade & Food Grade systems available.
5. Variable Ultrasonic Power with the control finesse identical to a dimmer switch with an incandescent light bulb.
6. Processing Results are scalable into large systems, without compromising performance.
7. Equipment Built with Transducers in which the performance NEVER Degrades over Time.

dual-frequency reaction cellOur Sound Abatement Enclosure reduces the Dual-Frequency Noise to below 70 dBA. The DRC's (2) MPC Generators rest nicely on top of the SAE for non-flammable processing operations.This 1.2 kW system is a dual-frequency Ultrasonic Reactor with Temperature Control capabilities. The DRC's parallel diaphragm plate configuration is identical to our larger DFR Reactors. This DRC is fitted with a 15 ml reaction chamber, (80 W/ml). This compact high-intensity powder-keg has a total capacity to 50 ml from inlet to outlet port. Larger Reaction Cells can be installed for applications requiring longer material exposure times within the ultrasonic reaction chamber.

The Mini-Dual-Frequency Reaction Cell, M/N: DRC-4-DPP

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The Dual-Frequency Reaction Cells are built to be operated with aqueous or solvent base process solutions. The temperature control capabilities of the DRC allows the Ultrasonic Processing Effects to be isolated from thermal effects. In fact, our Water Cooled Transducer Assemblies can operate with the Diaphragm Plate completely immersed, partially immersed or completely dry.

Dual-Frequency Reaction Cell, M/N: DRC-2.5-DPPThis 700 Watt Dual-Frequency
Reaction Cell (M/N: DRC-2.5-DPP) is a dual frequency Ultrasonic Reactor with Temperature Control capabilities. The DRC's parallel diaphragm plate configuration is identical to the larger DFR Reactors. A single Sanitary Flange Gasket creates a Dual-Frequency Processing Chamber with a 0.085" gap and a 6.5 ml volume. Larger Reaction Cells are available for research requiring a longer particle dwell time within the ultrasonic reaction chamber.

The Dual-Frequency Reaction Cell, M/N: DRC-2.5-DPP

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DRC-4 with a 250 ml Reaction Cell

This Dual-Frequency Reaction Cell, M/N: DRC-4, is a dual frequency Ultrasonic Reactor fitted to a
250 ml Reaction Cell. The DRC's parallel diaphragm plate configuration, focuses the ultrasonic energy into the process solution that flows between these acoustically energized surfaces. The energy within the acoustic cavity produces drastic process rate changes and quality enhancements with difficult processing tasks.

The DRC-4 w/ a 250 ml Reaction Cell fitted with 3/4" Sanitary Ports

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DRC-8-DPPThese 2.4 kW DRCs are fitted with multi-port reaction cells for fine particle deagglomeration and dispersion processing, (please note that the process solution conveyance lines have been removed for clarity). Ultrasonic energy is very effective in fracturing and separating micron to nano size particles. The Sound Abatement Enclosure is fitted with our Rolling Carriage Mechanism to facilitate equipment washdown and inspection.

The Dual-Frequency Reaction Cell, M/N: DRC-8-DPP

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Zajac Skid

Our DRC has been installed into a customized Processing Plant manufactured by Zajac, LLC.


This Dual-Frequency Reaction Cell is configured for high-purity processing applications. The DRC-12-DPP-PG is a 4,000 watt Dual-Frequency, Pharmaceutical Grade, high-power Ultrasonic Reactor. This system has been equipped with a 2.5 liter Reaction Cell for mixing, fine particle deagglomeration and liquid-liquid dispersions.

This 4,000 Watt DRC-12-DPP-PG is a Pharmaceutical Grade, Ultrasonic Reactor complete with Sound Abatement Enclosure and a NEMA-12 Generator Electrical Enclosure.

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DRC-4 with a 2 Liter Jacketed Extraction Cell

This DRC is fitted to a 2 liter Jacketed Extraction Cell which was developed in collaboration with Dr. Mircea Vinatoru (Romania). The Extraction Cell is equipped with three 1" sanitary fittings for the process solution inlet and outlet ports, and two 4" sanitary fittings. Two Transducer Assemblies are clamped to each end of the Jacketed Reaction Cell to create a Dual-Frequency Reaction Cell. The process solution conveyance line are shown in blue. The cooling water lines shown in yellow are connected to each Transducer Housing and the Reaction Cell's jacket.

The DRC-4 with a 2 Liter Jacketed Extraction Cell Installed

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Dual-Frequency Reaction Cell, M/N: DRC-4-ECMThe Dual-Frequency
Electro-Chemical Reaction Cell is used for
Electro-Chemical and Sonochemical Reactions
and Material Separations. The ultrasonically enhanced Electro-Chemical Cell is used to provide two reaction environments; an
oxidative-acidic in the anode compartment and
reductive-basic in the
cathode compartment. Ultrasonic cavitation prevents buildup of precipitants, accelerates reaction rates, and provides near instantaneous mixing between the electrodes.

This Dual-Frequency Reaction Cell is equipped with an Electro-Chemical Reaction Chamber and Ion Exchange Membranes. This arrangement allows us to separate the ingredients of a waste stream, M/N: DRC-4-ECM.

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We can supply a "DRC Sizing Chart" a summary of DRC Sizes, Ultrasonic Power Levels and Volumetric Capacities available. A drawing of the DRC & the DRC's Cross-Sectioned View is shown on the "Sizing Chart". Individual Technical Bulletins are available for details on individual systems. Please contact us for additional information.