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Circular Diaphragm Plates

We are pleased to offer a system with Circular Ultrasonic Diaphragm Plates with either our MPC or APC Generator depending upon size requirements. Each Diaphragm Plate has (1) 500 Watt transducer, driven at 20 kHz. The CDP-12-20 has a 12" OD with a Never-to-Exceed Pressure of 60 psia. Each Diaphragm Plate will be equipped with a 1000 Watt Round Heater.

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The Circular Diaphragm Plate with Heater, M/N: CDP-12-20 kHz, is a high-power, ultrasonic system with variable ultrasonic power. The acoustic energy from the magnetostrictive transducers and the Circular Diaphragm Plates will produce drastic process rate changes and quality enhancements with difficult processing tasks. The Circular Diaphragm Plate Transducer Assembly must be tightly clamped to your processing cone to couple the ultrasonic energy into the system requiring ultrasonic treatment.

The Circular Diaphragm Plate, M/N: CDP-12-20

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The Dual-Frequency Circular Diaphragm Plate with Heater, M/N: DCDP-12-16 kHz and DCDP-12-20 kHz uses two frequencies which may be beneficial for your application. We can package this unit with multiple DCDP-12's and generators to meet your processing requirements.

The Circular Diaphragm Plate, M/N: DCDP-12-16, DCDP-12-20

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